Monday, August 31, 2015

My friend in Nepal needs our help to keep his school open.

I first met Lama Dhundup, a Buddhist monk from rural Nepal last January while visiting a free veterinary clinic in Bodhgaya, India.

Last spring, Lama Dhundup established an official NGO, Bo Gangkar Manjushree School to realize his dream of providing a free education to Himalayan kids from his region of rural Nepal.

Bo Gangkar Manjushree School
Lama Dhundup's twelve sponsored students at Bo Gangkar Manjushree School.

I got to visit Lama Dhundup and his twelve sponsored students last November. I spent a day conducting interviews and taking photos so I could make a short film for Bo Gangkar Manjushree School.

Meet Lama Dhundup and his students in my newly finished film:

For the best viewing results try watching the video with earbuds, or turn up the volume on your device and YouTube so you can hear more clearly. Thanks for watching.

Since my visit Lama Dhundup has fallen into financial difficulties. The cost of living in Nepal and running Bo Gangkar Manjushree School has gone up since the first earthquakes rolled through Nepal in April. If Lama Dhundup cannot find financial support soon then he will have to close Bo Gangkar Manjushree School and the students will be unable to continue their education in Kathmandu.

Lama Dhundup needs our help.

You can make a financial donation to Bo Gangkar Manjushree School. Every cent donated will be spent in Nepal to keep the school open.

You can also help by sharing this post. Encourage friends to donate before the fundraising campaign ends on January 30, 2016.

If you have friends visiting Nepal then you can help by telling your friends about the opportunity to volunteer with Bo Gangkar Manjushree School.

One of the flyers Rick has hung around Kathmandu.

The fundraising campaign is being run by my friend Rick from Holland, who is in Kathmandu volunteering his time to ensure Lama Dhundup gets the help he needs. Rick and I first met during Gen Gyatso's January 2014 Tibetan Buddhism Mind Training course at the Root Institute in Bodhgaya, India and then crossed paths again in Dharamsala, India this past spring.

Rick kindly went to visit Lama Dhundup and Bo Gangkar Manjushree School at the end of July, and has been in Kathmandu helping Lama Dhundup ever since. Huge thanks to Rick for all he is doing to benefit the students at Bo Gangkar Manjushree School. Rick will ensure every cent donated is spent in Nepal to keep Bo Gangkar Manjushree School open.

Please enjoy these two short campaign videos made by Rick. (That's Rick in the beginning of the first video.)

Thank you for your kind help and prayers for Lama Dhundup and his students in Nepal during this difficult time.

You can follow Rick and Lama Dhundup's progress on the donation page and Facebook, or if that campaign has already ended when you read this post then you can just send "Bo Gangkar Manjushree" a Facebook friend request to learn more about Lama Dhundup's kids and NGO.

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