Tuesday, October 19, 2010

While you're in the Voting Mood, please Vote for the Suhar Brothers

I met Blake, John and Zak Suhar when they were volunteering for Reverb at the Jack Johnson 2010 Alpine Valley & Rivers Edge shows. They helped out with the tour's All At Once booth and in the Village Green, and were so amazing.

photo: Jack Johnson Alpine Valley 2010 All At Once booth - Blake & John.

During the Alpine Valley show they offered to come help us out the following day, at the Rivers Edge show. They then drove 12 hours round-trip so that they could help us out at Rivers Edge, driving through the night on the return leg, so that Blake could be at work early the next AM. We were so lucky to have them with us for two shows.

photo: Jack Johnson Rivers Edge 2010 show Village Green - Zak, Blake, me, John.

Zak has entered he and his brothers in a National Outdoor Leadership School/Patagonia-sponsored competition to win their collective dream adventure trip. Please check out Zak's video submission, and then vote for them!

About the contest:

Zak's entry:

To vote for "The Suhar Dream Expedition" go here, click on the tab that says "View Entries", and then look for their video. Once you find their video, click on the thumbs up arrow on the upper right corner of the page, to cast your vote for the Suhar Brothers.

You can only vote for them once, and must vote by Oct 31.

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