Monday, November 2, 2009

I Love Michael Pollan

photo: Michael Pollan

I read Michael Pollan's book The Botany of Desire while I was living in Washington, DC, on the advice of a friend. It gave me a whole new perspective on plants and food - and I have not purchased a conventionally grown potato since I finished the book:) If you haven't read it, then you've got to check it out. At 304 pages, it's a quick, entertaining read.

And check out this PBS special, based on the book ... this is the trailer.

The PBS special first aired last Wednesday, October 28th. Bummer ... I missed it, too. Check here to find out when it'll air again in your neighborhood. Or watch the full-length special here. Or you can purchase the DVD (or the book) here, from Barnes & Noble.

Michael Pollan's speaking schedule is here. The November San Francisco event is sold out - just checked.

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