Friday, November 20, 2009

Calling All Dancers! Another T-Mobile dance will be filmed tomorrow ...

Another T Mobile "Super Jam" dance commercial will be filmed tomorrow -- yesssssssss! Check out one of my earlier posts for videos of the T-Mobile dances.

Received this Facebook message today, directed at London's dancers, from my old London dance studio, Pineapple.


SMITHFIELD MARKET, Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LR SAT 21st NOV, 12.30PM - 3 PM

This is going to be our biggest tour date yet and an unmissable opportunity for all you musicians and dancers out there. Not only will we be filming it for the adverts and documentary but also for the final promo! We have Jonathan Quarmby, award winning producer coming down for the day plus Universal reps and talent scouts. Come along and help make it an unforgettable experience, this really is an unbelievable opportunity, if you can't make it for the whole time, don't worry, would be amazing to see you there at all.

Aw, I miss Pineapple! Especially my favorite teacher, Mark Battershall.

This is one of Mark's classes, "LA Jazz." I took this class on Thursday nights, when I lived in London. (And Mark's "Commercial Dance" class on Tuesday nights; Little J's Hip Hop class on Monday nights.) Mark is in the front, wearing a white shirt & shoes, and black pants.

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