Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Customize & Win Nike Shoes in Real Time

In 2006, Nike erected a large, interactive billboard in Times Square. Passers-by could use their cell phones, between noon and 1pm, and 3 and 5pm, to call a number and use their dial pad to customize the sneaker displayed on the billboard - pick the colors of the laces, the swoosh, the uppers and mid-sole, and select initials or personal tags. Participants then received a text message with the URL for their personalized sneaker - the purchase site.

In Wheeler and Keenan's video, individuals went nuts when they saw their own shoes posted live on the jumbotron in front of them.

Although Nike gave away 3000 pairs of shoes in this promotion, users seemed just as excited to their design on the billboard as they were by the free footwear.

source: Christine's blog. November 2006.

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