Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marketing will.i.am, Marketing Obama

I have been a will.i.am fan since his Live Earth "Mother Nature" performance. I have really enjoyed the role that he's played in the Barack Obama campaign.

Tonight, I learned that the "Yes We Can Song" was associated with an interactive website, created by Syrup NYC. The video's producer, a friend of will.i.am's, came up with the concept; it is seperate from the Obama campaign.

From Syrup NYC:
"The site allows users to express their support [for Barack Obama] by submitting their photographs to a collective mosaic to become thumbnails in the "Yes We Can Song" video.

Visit the website, to watch the mosaic music video. It's incredible.

Beyond that, I am not sure what's next for http://www.hopeactchange.com/. But I love the idea.

For more info about how websites like this can be used to engage people in politics, check out this video - the video's producer, and Syrup NYC, took this conversation to Harvard's Berman Center for Internet & Society, where lots of interesting ideas were discussed.

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