Monday, November 24, 2008

Häagen-Dazs & Save the Honey Bees

Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco -- Häagen-Dazs campaign to Save the Honey Bees.

From an Advertising Age profile on Joshua Spanier, Director-Communications Strategy:

When Joshua's team "discovered a mysterious 'colony collapse crisis' that's killing honeybees, it took Häagen-Dazs from ice-cream marketer to eco-advocate via the 'Help the Honey Bees' campaign.

The 2008 campaign launched with a new flavor, Vanilla Honey Bee, and inventive print advertising such as seed-embedded inserts consumers could plant to grow flowers for bees. The effort reached its nontraditional zenith when Häagen-Dazs testified before Congress on the matter.

'You can't buy that sort of marketing connection,' says Mr. Spanier, 34, who cut his media teeth as a strategic media planner at Zenith, London. 'Rather than just saying, 'Buy my product,' Häagen-Dazs became part of a much larger story.'"

Here are the viral video & interactive website elements of the cause marketing campaign:

Disco Dancin' Honey Bees:

Bee-Boy Dance Crew Honey Bees:

Opera Honey Bees:

Check out the amazing, interactive website, too! Video tutorial below.

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