Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stevie Wonder and Hunter Hayes.

Hunter Hayes covering Stevie Wonder's Superstition in Hillsboro, Ohio on July 7, 2012. There are better quality videos of Hunter covering this song, but I love the jams from Hillsboro, Ohio.

From MTVBack in February [2013], Hayes sat down with MTV News and revealed his love for Wonder's music. He said, "My go-to is I really want to sit down with Stevie Wonder. I've gotten to talk to him, but have dinner and just talk music for like an hour and half, two hours would be so wicked; it'd be so cool. I have so much to ask him about." While he's spent more time with Wonder since then, he opened up about what it was like to meet the music legend for the first time. "I got to meet him in L.A. We work with a lot of, with a couple of the same people, and they know I'm a huge fan and they surprised me ... He is one of my biggest heroes and I respect him so much and I got to sit there and talk with him. I was so nervous. I don't know how I hid it. I don't even know if I did. I think I'm pretty sure I showed it. It was amazing."

Hunter joined Stevie Wonder on stage at the Academy of Country Music Awards on April 7, 2013 for two songs. Hunter recapped what that was like in Episode 26 of his video series #fortheloveofmusic, published on April 22, 2013.

Backstage at the ACMs on April 7, Stevie Wonder explained how he feels about Hunter.

Here they are, performing Stevie's song Sir Duke together on stage at the ACMs. (Hunter also debuted his new single I Want Crazy at the ACMs.)

Hunter and his band then joined Stevie on stage for the ACMs finale, which was Stevie's song Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours.

Hunter rejoined Stevie on stage on April 22, 2013 on Dancing With The Stars for a mini medley of Stevie wonder's All I Do, and I Ain't Gonna Stand For It.

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