Friday, October 19, 2012

I am Me

Grabbed this from Shining Hope for Communities' most recent e-newsletter. Beautiful. But then again, I admit I'm a little biased. I got to visit SHOPCO in Kenya last year and am a big fan.

photo: Vanessa and her mom

I Am Me” 

by Vanessa, 2nd grade student at the Kibera School for Girls

I am Vanessa
I am as brave as a lion
I work hard to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor
I am a flower
I make your garden full with beautiful colors
I am the happiest girl in The Kibera School for Girls
Whatever I am, I am always happy because I know
Even if I am by myself
There is somebody who cares for me and loves me
I am beautiful
I love how I was created
I am the Grumpy Bear
I always know your feelings
I make your dreams come true
I am brave because I look forward to my education success
I am enormous because everyone in The Kibera School for Girls knows me
And even there are some people around the area who know me
I am a little angel
I fly to help other people survive
I am the wind
I give you fresh air
I am the sun
I make your crops grow
I am special
I work hard for my teachers and parents
I am as brown as the sun
I am shining
I am a human being
I am the playful girl in The Kibera School for Girls
I am graceful, hopeful, and lovely
I am the most brilliant girl in the whole wide world

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