Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Making the case for Nonprofit Fellowship Alumni Programs

Well said, Teach for America.

Teach For America's Alumni Affairs team is based on the premise that if Teach For America is successful, our now-nearly 24,000 alumni will believe that educational inequity is solvable, have a grounded understanding of how to solve it and believe that solving it is of critical importance. They will bring strong leadership to all levels of the school system, the sectors that influence schools and low-income communities, and every professional sector to: address the extra challenges facing children growing up in low-income communities, build the capacity of schools and districts and fundamentally change the prevailing ideology through their examples and advocacy.

In order to realize that vision, our regional and national alumni affairs staff members engage alumni to help them develop their passions and inspiration into leadership and accelerate their trajectories into a wide variety of leadership roles. We are also deep in the invention and development of strategies to harness the power of a critical mass of alumni in communities across to make a difference in education reform. Because this work requires constant reflection, experimentation and improvement, it is critically important that in this work we continuously hone and develop our strategies and work as a true learning organization.

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