Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nicholas Kristof's 6th annual Win-a-Trip Contest

From Nicholas Kristof today:

And here’s a special holiday message you can pass on to university students: tell them that I’m announcing my annual win-a-trip contest. In 2012, for the sixth time, I will take a student with me on a reporting trip to the developing world to try to shine a light on neglected issues. These trips have been life-changing for past winners. Information about how to apply is on my blog, and thanks in advance to the Center for Global Development for again helping narrow the applicant pool down to finalists.

Some additional info I dug up:

In the summer of 2007, Kristof traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, accompanied by two young Americans, a student and a teacher. Their reflections of the heart-wrenching journey were posted alongside Kristof’s bi-weekly columns and turned into this documentary, REPORTER. It's now available on DVD - here's the trailer:

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