Friday, November 25, 2011

We'll Dance Through It

Excerpt from Matt Nathanson's 2011 "Living Liner Notes" video interview series. Here he's talking about his song "Love Comes Tumbling Down":

Like a city in ruin, kind of vibe. An end of the world kind of song. But not like remember the end of the ... it's sort of an additional thing to remember the end of the world. There was that scene in The Twilight Zone where Burgess Meredith - that episode where all he wants to do is read books in the library and the library crumbles to the ground, and he's surrounded by books and he breaks his glasses. And it was this idea like that's the curse of The Twilight Zone - like all he wants is be alone to read his books. So he like - this apocalypse occurs. And he's downstairs, and he comes upstairs and everyone's gone - the whole city. And he's just surrounded by books - and time. And he's like super psyched. And then he breaks his glasses - and can't do anything. And he's stuck in this world with no one and nothing, and these books he can't read. And that was kind of this idea for me was like - in this wreckage of a place - like, I'll, you know - we'll dance through it, you know what I mean? That was kinda - it was a love song.

It's so much prettier when Matt says it in the video interview, but I couldn't embed the video in this post. You can watch it here.

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