Monday, November 14, 2011

Help Daraja win! Make $10 donation before 11:59pm EST on Nov 15

I spent a month living, learning and volunteering on the Daraja Academy of Kenya's campus this summer. This amazing school would love your support, too! And you don't even have to travel to Kenya:)

photo by: Pamela Sleightholm

During the month-long the Girl Effect Challenge, Daraja and 24 other girl-focused organizations and projects are working to generate donations from their supporters. The Challenge ends at 11:59pm EST tomorrow (Tues Nov 15).

At that time the six organizations with the highest number of unique donors will win the same prize: they will be featured on the Girl Effect GlobalGiving page and will receive a share of the Girl Effect Fund for one year following the Challenge (December 1, 2011 – November 30, 2012).

Daraja is currently in second place
, with 600 unique donors at this very minute. But the competition is fierce - the organizations below Daraja could squeeze us out of the Top 6 within the next 24 hours.

Please consider making a minimum donation of $10 to Daraja, to help keep us in the Top 6! Donate here.

The ladies of Daraja would love your support ...

The fine print from the Challenge FAQ page:
Online donations are considered unique if they are made from separate email addresses. The same credit card may be used for multiple online donations.

GlobalGiving retains a 15% fulfillment fee on donations but works to keep the fees you pay as low as possible while providing you great services and resources. The 15% fee covers all transactional fees such as credit card charges, as well as helps cover the costs GlobalGiving incurs to promote organizations and projects, provide them with fundraising training and tools, and maintain and improve our online technology in order to keep connecting you with new donors. With our add-on option, we also offer the donor the opportunity to make an additional donation to cover GlobalGiving’s fulfillment fees so that projects receive 100% of the donations intended for them.

The students can't blog, so I'm doing it for them:) Irene is amazing!


  1. I hope they win. I'm going to share with some friends right NOW. Keep me posted.

  2. THANK YOU, Yani!! 1.5 hours to go until the competition ends!

  3. UPDATE: The Girl Effect GlobalGiving Challenge has ended. My 3 personal favorite competitors all finished within the Top 6, and are therefore all winners! The Daraja Academy of Kenya (which got my vote), Soccer Without Borders founded by Lehigh University young alum Ben Gucciardi, and Jess & Kennedy's Shining Hope for Communities! Thanks to everyone who voted!


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