Friday, July 15, 2011

East Africa Day 63 (Fri July 15): Mapping Out the Next 37 Days

Didn't sleep well last night - feeling out of sorts - need to find some good vegetarian or vegan food:) Around the middle of the day I opened the "Chinese tofu" and a stir fry mix that I bought at Nakumatt, fried it in oil and soy sauce, and mixed it with some brown rice. Interestingly, I couldn't find olive oil at Nakumatt Lifestyle - mostly soy or palm oil, but I did find sunflower seed oil! I feel a little better. This was also the first meal that I've cooked in East Africa, outside of helping the Daraja kitchen staff chop vegetables one day back in mid-May:)

Spent the morning and early afternoon mapping out the next 37 days. Yes, I only have 37 full days left before I have to head to the airport to fly home. A little overwhelming. It is not possible to accomplish or experience all that I still want to do, before my flight departs on the morning of Aug 22. I have just resolved that I will have to come back, and do what I can do with the time that I have:)

I called the Akili Dada Nairobi office and got to speak with Purity, who invited me to come by the office on Monday. Can't wait to meet her, learn more about Akili Dada, and see if she has any guidance for me! Got a little bit of work done for my Daraja research project, before catching up on my blog. I was listening to Taylor Swift while working. Jackie was singing along to "Back to December" - was happy to discover that Jackie is a Taylor Swift fan, too:)

Today was a gray day - not a good day to sit by the pool, and I didn't feel that badly about letting my body relax. Yet only 37 days!!

I get to meet Ashley, whose room I took over, tomorrow when she comes to pick up her things, before heading to the airport to fly back to the USA. Max said that Ashley referred another American to him, who might want to move into the third (and empty) bedroom in the apartment. I'm psyched and hope she/he moves in!

Just did a google search for "vegan Nairobi" and found this bakery, plus some suggestions for good Indian restaurants. I also connected with someone over email today who used to work in Nairobi, via a fellow Lehigh alum, who recommended a few Indian restaurants and a health food store chain in the city. This weekend!

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