Sunday, July 3, 2011

East Africa Day 49 (Fri July 1): Uganda National Museum & Uganda’s only Movie Theater

I woke up this AM, took my second of three parasite pills, did laundry in Elaine’s bathroom sink, and planned out my day. Elaine drove us to the UWA offices in Kampala, where she’ll leave her car safely parked while in South Africa for the IUCN Conference. (She leaves for SA on Sunday.)

I got to meet a few other UWA staff members, before parting ways with Elaine. I went next door to the Uganda National Museum, which is East Africa’s biggest museum. First I ate some very deep fried vegetables at the museum café and started another Dave Eggers book “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius”. (I finished “What is the What” on the bus heading back to Kampala last night.) The museum wasn’t particularly exciting, but I’m glad that I visited it. The malaria exhibit was a good review, and I learned about the first Ugandan students to study abroad. Check out this Engagement Ring – I asked what it meant, but the museum employee wasn’t sure.

I headed back to Elaine’s after the museum visit, and we then headed out to one of the two malls in Kampala with Chris for dinner in the food court and a movie. This movie theater has two screens, and is the only movie theater in Uganda! I learned that Rwanda doesn’t even have a movie theater. The movie we selected – name escapes me – was OK but I don’t recommend it. However it’s set in NYC; it was fun to see it in Uganda! When we went to the food court, employees working for each of the eateries approached us at our table with menus, and tried to get us to pick something from their respective menu. It was excellent marketing, though a little overwhelming.
When we got back to Elaine’s I was able to pick up a weak wireless signal, and saw an email from Meghan Young saying that she has malaria. She’s on Malarone – the very best anti-malarial. She said that she went to NRE to get some air and food, but she was so sick. When Nash finished his shift he drove her to the clinic in his car, and stayed with her while she got treatment. I am so thankful to him, for looking after her. I’ll get to see her again before I leave Uganda – hope she’s doing OK. There are a lot of mosquitos in Jinja – I got bitten a lot while I was staying there.

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