Monday, June 27, 2011

East Africa Day 40 (Wed June 22): Acumen Fund Blog Post

It felt really good to sit down and summarize the Daraja Academy Blue Sweater Club event for the Acumen Fund Community website. I hadn’t taken the time to process the event for myself, nor had I prepared any sort of concise summary of it, even in my head. The writing of the post for the Community website made me do that.

Today I learned that one of my photos from The Blue Sweater Club has been selected for publication on another blog! So I got to prepare a summary to go along with the photo. This proved to be another opportunity to comprehensively consider my work at Daraja. Not surprisingly, it took me most of the evening to write the post. I’ll make a note in my blog when it’s been published.

I hung out in the Backpackers hostel lounge for the afternoon and evening, working on this and considering what’s next in my East Africa adventures. Earlier this afternoon I headed over to Meghan’s house and we planned our upcoming trip and ran some errands in “Jinja Town” (downtown).We ran into some of her housemates/fellow volunteers on the main strip – I think called Main Street:)

I’m meeting Meghan at her house tomorrow morning, and we are heading to Sipi Falls.

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