Monday, June 6, 2011

East Africa Day 23 (Sun June 5): Catch Up Sunday

I needed today to catch up from the past few Nanyuki Music Festival days. It was a nice, laid back day.

Monday through Friday, breakfast is served at 7:30am. On Saturdays and Sundays it is 8:30am. I wake up with the sun – usually about 6:30am-ish. This morning I woke up a little later than usual – closer to 7am. Plenty of time to go for a morning run first around the outside perimter of the Daraja campus, and then along the inside perimeter. I was so happy that my lungs kept up with my legs today! I was able to do my longest Kenya run, yet. I usually breathe in for four paces, and then breathe out for four paces. But this morning it was more prudent to breathe five in – it’s funny how awkward that was:)

After breakfast I attended the Protestant services, curious to see who would be giving the sermon and testimony today. Irene, who gave it last Sunday did it again today. She talked about the importance of having faith in yourself and in God, no matter what your parents, friends and anyone else says. She again reminded the women that it doesn’t matter what troubles are behind you – that you can succeed if you have faith. One student led a prayer in which she repeated ly asked for forgiveness for all of the Daraja students’ sins, and another student sang a beautiful solo song about being a sinner. Their faces were streaked with tears by the time they finished and took their seats. The display of such strong emotion was striking - the students are often very soft-spoken and reserved. Kind of different from the typical Frost Valley camper – always my frame of reference. I was discussing the day’s schedule with another volunteer today, and when we determined that there wasn’t anything that immediately required my presence after lunch, I said to myself “it’s Hang Out Time”. Frost Valley lingo – it comes with me everywhere:)

This afternoon, after “Hang Out” I helped Sue lead a computer workshop in the Daraja library/computer room. Sue taught the students how to create headers and footers, how to insert the date and page numbers, and how to insert text boxes into the body of the document. We use Open Office, which I’m not intuitively familiar with. I must admit that Leila, the Computer Protcor, who loves computers, was a much better Teaching Assistant than I was, though I did get to teach some students how to do a few things, which was fun!

I was just washing some clothing in the sink with my biodegradable soap from Campmor, while rocking out to Sara Bareilles’ newest album. First time I’ve listened to thes songs since I left San Francisco. They remind me of the last two times that I saw Sara, in San Francisco last fall, and then earlier this winter. I’m about to start the “young readers edition” of “Three Cups of Tea”. Oh well – better that I read the young readers edition, than no edition:)

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