Monday, May 30, 2011

East Africa Day 15 (Sat May 28): Public Speaking Class

I stopped by the office early this AM before breakfast to test out my netbook with the modem and internet connection. IT WORKS!! After breakfast I walked the jogging path that circles the Daraja campus and snapped some photos.

I then spent most of the morning working off-line - transcribing my mental and scribbled notes from yesterday’s government meetings into a clean, orderly document on my computer. I was the only one in the office for most of today – I should say the only two legged person. Ajax and Rasta Jane hung out with me – I think they are Taylor Swift fans, since that is what I was listening to while I worked:) Ajax (the solid brown dog) furiously wagged his whole body and made some noises when I asked him if he liked Taylor Swift. I'm sure if I had asked Rasta Jane, she would have answered in the affirmative, too, but she was too busy sleeping.

Sue, a returning volunteer, is teaching the students Public Speaking. She taught it last time she was here, right after the school had first opened, and is back to teach Part II, and to contribute quite a few other things to campus, too. I sat in on two of her public speaking classes today – they were great! The students were asked to stand in front of the class and give a very short speech. I recorded the speeches given by members of the Form 3 class. Once I have faster internet I’ll upload them, but for now here is a photo of Sue teaching Public Speaking to the Form 3 class.

Since it is Saturday night, the students put on music in the dining hall before sitting down for dinner, and spent the next few hours dancing. It was so much fun! We then watched The King’s Speech, which Sue brought for the students to watch tonight. I had never seen it, but have been meaning to see it for months. Who would have thought, when that film first came out, that I’d eventually watch it in Kenya, in a dark boarding school campus dining hall with 77 young women, on a TV with a screen not much bigger than the one I had in college? :)

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