Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White House announces: 100 Roundtables with Young Americans

I was on the White House Call with Young Americans today, run by the White House outreach team. The team announced a new initiative -

Between now and May 31st, Administration officials will be participating in 100 Roundtables with Young Americans all across the country. Host one in your community, and if you’d like - ask someone from the Administration to participate.

Details on how to set one up here.

A participant on today's conference call asked the White House outreach team what the White House considers "young". The team said that they were not going to be specific, but that they are interested in hearing from a wide audience - elementary school students up through Americans in their mid-30's.

What's the likelihood that someone from the Administration will show up at your roundtable? It depends on scheduling.

Here's the promo video that the outreach team referenced on today's call:

If you'd like to find out about upcoming calls like this then just start following the DNC Youth Council on Facebook! :)

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