Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Udemy's Raising Capital for Startups series

I'm watching the first video in the series (free) while I type this, but already think that it's worth sharing. Especially since I am already a fan of Udemy's model. Thanks to StartupDigest for the tip!

Udemy and StartupDigest are proud to announce a full guide to Raising Capital for Startups. This is different from other talks, blog posts and conferences on fundraising. These talks are not motivational but practical. In this 7-part curriculum, the top fundraising experts (Dave McClure, Naval Ravikant, Adeo Ressi) will provide real-world advice on getting cash for your startup. Aside from the talks, you'll also find articles, sample presentations and template e-mails to help you along the way. And it will be constantly updated with more material to help answer questions about fundraising.

The course is $90, but as I mentioned the first video is free - and worth watching:) The presenter Naval Ravikant mentions Venture Hacks - check it out here.

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