Sunday, February 27, 2011

Earth Amplified : green Hip Hop album

photo: Seasunz

The album "Earth Amplified" came out almost a year ago ... but I just learned about it. The album's lyrics address current environmental and socio-political issues.

Produced by Brooklyn-based J.Bless and multi-instrumentalist Golden Horns, the album features Oakland-based frontman Seasunz as well as guest appearances from (dead prez), Killah Priest (Wu-Tang), Zumbi (Zion I), Wes Restless (The Gents, Dynamic Vibrations), Rocker T (Jah-Warrior Shelter) and Jahiti (Brownfish).

I found this on the Green For All website:

Ashel Eldridge aka Seasunz, originally from Chicago, is an educator with the Alliance for Climate Education in Oakland, CA. He is a co-founder of Oakland's Green Youth Arts and Media Center and teaches music and meditation with Art in Action. He is a co-founder of CommuniTree, Oakland Resilience Alliance, and serves on the West Oakland Project Area Committee board. As a frontman emcee and vocalist, he has toured and performed extensively on the West Coast, including joining Bay Area hip-hop/reggae group, Wisdom and has collaborated with and toured with Bay Area breaks DJ and Producer Bassnectar on various recordings and performances. Additionally, Seasunz has either performed with or shared stages with the likes of KRS-One, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Zion I, Dead Prez, Ozomatli, Damien and Stephen Marley, Michael Franti, Midnite, Steel Pulse, and VP Records reggae artists Anthony B., Killah Priest and Warrior King. His second CD release, Earth Amplified, this summer, is a fierce tribute to the earth and peoples' struggles for justice.


1. Lady Justice
2. Hungry Money (feat. Zumbi of Zion I)
3. Sunnyside (feat. Wes Restless)
4. Global Warning (feat. of dead prez)
5. Food Fight (feat. of dead prez)
6. Water World
7. Nitewriters (feat. Killah Priest)
8. Storm Before the Calm (interlude)
9. Not the Same Thing
10. HWY 1
11. Any Day Now
12. On the Way (outro)
13. Defend Her (Bonus Track) (Little Island Mix feat. Rocker T and Jahiti of Brownfish)

The album kicks off with the first single, the Fela-inspired “Lady Justice" - an ode to powerful women and Mother Earth. In the second verse, Seasunz shouts out Angela Davis, Wangari Maathai, Assata Shakur, and Vandana Shiva for being fearless female revolutionaries.

You can buy the album here - just name your price.

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