Monday, January 3, 2011

Obama makes Federal Agency Internship & Job Search Process easier for Young People

I just read the December 27, 2010 Executive Order - Recruiting and Hiring Students and Recent Graduates. Love it!


There are hereby established the Internship Program and the Recent Graduates Program, which, along with the Presidential Management Fellows Program, as modified herein, shall collectively be known as the Pathways Programs.

To compete effectively for students and recent graduates, the federal government must improve its recruiting efforts; offer clear paths to federal internships for students from high school through post-graduate school; offer clear paths to civil service careers for recent graduates; and provide meaningful training, mentoring and career-development opportunities.

I particularly like that agencies will now use standard naming conventions, so that students and recent graduates can clearly understand and compare opportunities.

Internship Program - applies to current high school and students who have either been accepted into, or who are currently engaged in an institution of higher education. The interns will be paid.

Recent Graduates Program - open to those who have graduated from college within the last two years, or military veterans who graduated from college within the past six years.

Presidential Management Fellows Program - open to those who have graduated from graduate school within the past two years.

Placements for Recent Graduates and Presidential Management Fellows cannot exceed two years, unless the employing agency decides to extend it for up to an additional 120 days.

These details will be elaborated upon at a later date by the Director of the Office of Personnel Management.

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