Monday, January 10, 2011

Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

Just grabbed that Albert Einstein quote from the Skillshare website. Skillshare is a marketplace where you can learn anything, from anyone. The types of classes available locally depend on what your local community members want to offer up! For example: How to Travel Around the World, Before You're 65, in NYC on Jan 20. Below photo from the evite:

Sign up to teach a class here, on the Skillshare website.

1. What should I teach?
Anything you are passionate about sharing with others. This can be anything from "How to Quit Your Job and Travel Around the World for 6 Months" to "Settlers of Catan Strategies". The more interesting and creative, the better.

2. Where can I teach?
Anywhere! Any public space like a park, coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or office would work. Or, you can rent an event venue if you outgrow the smaller spaces. Make sure to factor the costs into your ticket prices. We'll also be releasing a venue list with our beta launch that will help you find a location.

3. What if I've never taught a class before?
No sweat. We're here to help you progress as a teacher. Soon, we'll be launching a resource center where you can learn more about teaching, and connect with other teachers. At the end of the day remember that passion is contagious, which is the best gift you can give to others.

Based on the website it looks like Skillshare is organizing classes in NYC, but the company hasn't really launched, yet. Sign up for their emails, Facebook, or Twitter to stay current!

Skillshare was co-founded by Malcolm Ong and Michael Karnjanaprokorn. Michael also co-founded The Feast Conference and All Day Buffet, which I'm also a fan of. Here he is, talking about them:

Skillshare isn't a new thing. I remember seeing a flyer for a Washington, DC skillshare, hanging up at Columbia Heights Coffee shop in early 2006. Loved the concept then, still love it now:) For example ... found this via google:)

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