Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 TEDGlobal Fellows class :: Apps due March 11

Learned about this via Twitter today, and then grabbed the info from a post by Simone Alexander, the Project Coordinator for the TED Community Team. Simone manages the TED Book Club, builds community around the TED Fellows program, and integrates Fellows into the TED community.

The TED Fellows Program - an international fellowship bringing entrepreneurs into the TED community - is looking for 20 young innovators to be a part of their 2011 TEDGlobal Fellows class.

Apps due March 11 or nominate someone by emailing

We look for remarkable, multidisciplinary, and paradigm-shifting innovators from around the globe who have shown exceptional courage, moral imagination, and the potential to increase positive change in the world. We're looking for individuals who straddle multiple disciplines -- polymaths, if you will. Essentially, people who are doing insanely cool and unconventional things.

All TED Fellows participate as full members of the TED conference (Long Beach, CA) or TEDGlobal conference (Edinburgh, U.K.), as well as a two-day pre-conference event where they collaborate with their peers and deliver their own TEDTalks.

The Fellows will also participate actively in the TED community throughout the year, telling their ongoing stories on the TED Fellows blog, contributing to TEDx events, being featured in the online Fellows directory and participating in a private TED social network. There are no monetary awards associated with the TED Fellowship.

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