Thursday, December 2, 2010

DREAM Act - before the House of Representatives votes tomorrow ...

Just received this from Campus Progress:

The House of Representatives will vote on the DREAM Act tomorrow (Friday). There are a few more offices that need to hear from you. See below's list.

If your representative happens to be on this list, then please call your representative first. Then go down the list and call all of the representatives.

If your representative is not on this list, then please just go down the list and start making phone calls.

To reach the offices, call 1-866-587-3023 and ask the operator to transfer you to the representative that you are trying to reach.

Give the following message to the member's office: Invest in America's military, economic and academic future. Vote yes on the DREAM Act.

Adler, John NJ-03
Arcuri, Michael NY-24
Baird, Brian WA-3
Barrow, John GA-12
Bishop, Sanford GA-02
Boccieri, John OH-16
Boucher, Rick VA-09
Boyd, Allen FL-02
Chandler, Ben KY-06
Cooper, Jim TN-05
Dahlkemper, Kathy PA-03
Deutch, Ted FL-19
Ellsworth, Brad IN-08
Hall, John NY-19
Herseth-Sandlin, Stephanie SD-AL
Higgins, Brian NY-27
Holden, Tim PA-17
Kirkpatrick, Ann AZ-01
Kissell, Larry NC-08
Marshall, Jim GA-08
Matheson, Jim UT-02
Michaud, Michael ME-02
Miller, Brad NC-13
Mollohan, Alan WV-01
Murphy, Scott NY-20
Nye, Glenn VA-02
Owens, Bill NY-23
Peters, Gary MI-09
Ross, Mike AR-04
Ryan, Tim OH-17
Schrader, Kurt OR-05
Scott, David GA-13
Shuler, Heath NC-11
Space, Zach OH-18
Spratt, John SC-05
Stupak, Bart MI-01
Tanner, John TN-8
Visclosky, Peter IN-01
Wilson, Charlie OH-06

As the hours pass and this blog post grows more outdated, I encourage you to go here for newer news:)

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