Friday, October 29, 2010

A single vote WILL make a difference.

I have received (and continue to receive) a deluge of election-related emails. But I thought that this one - which I received from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Action Fund this AM - was particularly worth a re-print.

Please vote in this election.

Dear Nicole,

Dirtier air. More dirty energy. Greater dependence on our enemies' oil. Fewer new jobs.

That could be the result of the 2010 midterm elections - if you don't vote on November 2nd.

Up and down the ballot, in hundreds of electoral contests in all 50 states, our health, security and economy are threatened by anti-environmental, anti-science and anti-climate candidates.

Many of these contests will be extremely, extremely close. An unprecedented number of congressional races have been rated "toss-ups." But if enough of us show up at the polls, we can stop the wave of climate deniers who threaten to take over our state and federal governments.

The danger is more widespread than you think:

* Not a single one of the 37 Republican Senate candidates supports action against global warming - even though clean energy reforms could bring more than 1.9 million new jobs by 2020.

* A number of congressional candidates who voted for the landmark climate law -- The American Clean Energy and Security Act-- are threatened in races that could be decided by a handful of votes.

* More than 750 congressional and state legislative candidates have signed on to support the anti-climate agenda of Americans for Prosperity -- a corporate front group funded by the oil billionaire Koch brothers.

Close-minded anti-environmentalists don't represent the will of the people. Numerous polls and studies have overwhelmingly showed that the majority of Americans support policies to keep our air and water clean, our food safe and to transition our nation to clean energy.

But the other side has benefited from an unprecedented deluge of money from oil and coal interests and the shadowy front groups they help support. Hundreds of anti-environmental candidates who have turned their back on science could be elected if people like you don't turn out to vote.

Your vote, and the vote of millions of others like you, is our best defense from this attack. And every single vote will make a difference. Remember how close things were in 2000? Many races this year are likely to be won by small margins and recounts. Our nation is depending on you on November 2nd. Make a plan, and cast your vote at your nearest polling place.

Thanks for supporting environmental sanity in these deeply troubling times.


Peter Lehner
Executive Director
NRDC Action Fund

Not sure if you know who the "clean energy" candidates are? Check out the League of Conservation Voter's endorsements here. For state specific info, click on "State LCVs" on the top right hand corner of the page.

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