Friday, October 1, 2010

Fox News: Young People Shouldn't Vote.

Fox News' John Stossel had HeadCount's Co-founder and Executive Director, Andy Bernstein on his program last night. Check it out:

Sweet response to this program by Kate Andriulli of Campus Progress.

Back in 2008 Stossel had Andy and HeadCount's other Co-founder, Marc Brownstein, on his program. In this segment Stossel also argued that some people should not vote. Check it out here:

The Bus Project did a tongue-in-cheek reply to that 2008 segment:

Do you feel like giving Stossel a piece of your mind? :) You can. VOTE on Nov 2. Need to register? Go here. Do it quickly - some states require you to postmark your completed voter registration form by tomorrow, Oct 2, if you want to be eligible to vote on Nov 2.

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