Friday, October 15, 2010

In New York, the choice for Governor could not be clearer

Carl Paladino:

For more ridiculousness ... Anderson Cooper interviews Paladino.

Andrew Cuomo:

The 2nd news clip above features Paladino walking in the Columbus Day Parade wearing a red tie and carrying an Italian flag.

Err ... Paladino, put down the Italian flag.

The city's St. Patrick's Day parade has long banned gay and lesbian groups from marching under their own banners, but the Columbus Day Parade's chairman said that wasn't the case with his event. "We don't have an issue with gays," Lawrence Auriana said, adding that he didn't know of any gay Italian-American groups affiliated with his parade. "They've been with us since Roman times."

Unfortunately not every New Yorker feels the same way. Check out this open letter to Paladino, and then the response by members of his own party.

I serve as the Co-Chairman of the New York College Republican State Committee and "Im mad as hell." I have been a vocal supporter of Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, until this past weekend. Mr. Paladino told me this weekend that my lifestyle is not equally valid or successful. Yes, I am an openly gay male. The comments made by Mr. Paladino this weekend have deeply offended me, my community and everything I stand for. So I have a message for you, Mr. Paladino:

You have sent the message that my lifestyle and the lifestyles of millions of New Yorkers are immoral, invalid, unsuccessful and something that we should be ashamed of. Let me tell you what I am ASHAMED of. I am ashamed to have a candidate at the top of my partys ticket that would espouse views of hatred and bigotry toward the LGBTQ community or any other community. I am ashamed to have somebody who wants to serve in New Yorks highest office who believes that children should not be exposed to alternative lifestyles, as if being homosexual is a disease they could catch. I am ashamed to hear someone who desires to lead make divisive and offensive comments toward a community that has suffered unimaginable tragedies in the past weeks. And I am ashamed to hear a candidate truly believe that by making these comments he is not furthering bigotry, hate and violence toward the LGBTQ community.

Now let me tell you what I am PROUD of. I am a proud Openly Gay Male and a proud Republican. I am a proud organizer of the annual NYC Gay Pride March, a celebration of the gay culture and the many other cultures that we represent as a community. I am proud to be fighting for the lives of LGBTQteenagers, of whom we have lost nearly 10 to suicide in the past several weeks. I am proud to fight for the rights of my community and to stand up to hatred and violence, even amidst the utterly terrifying hate crimes that have occurred in my own city.

You, Mr. Paladino, have nothing to be proud of. It is truly sad that you believe your comments are not felt by the entire LGBTQ community; by those of us who have been shaken to the core by the recent violence against our community. You are unfit for the Governors Mansion, the government of this state, or a society based on principles of freedom and equality. You owe the LGBTQ citizens of this state and country an apology. YOU should be ASHAMED.

Kyle T. Collins
Co-Chairman, New York College Republican State Committee
Volunteer Coordinator, NYC Gay Pride March, Heritage of Pride, inc


In Response to the letter written to gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, by the NYCRSC Co-Chairman, Kyle Collins: Mr.Collins is a respected and valued member of our organization.

... That being said, the view reflected in his letter are his own and in no way reflective of the College Republicans as a whole. Mr.Collins is entitled to his own viewpoints, and that is the beauty of the Republican Party. The 'big tent' which encompasses all of us does not reject people for individual aspects of their ideologies. The New York College Republicans presently have a strong relationship with the Paladino Campaign and will continue to maintain such a relationship.

Sandra Amidon
Chairwoman of the New York College Republican State Committee, Inc.

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