Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Brides - one more thing for your check list!

The ceremony is over ...

The reception, too ...

You got your Marriage License, you've corresponded with the Social Security Administration ... if you've changed your legal name and/or your address, then you might have even gotten a new Driver's License.

But did you update your voter registration information either at the DMV, or on your own?

If you updated your voter registration info at the DMV or on your own, then you should have received a new Voter Registration Card in the mail. If you have not received the card, then your voter registration info has not been updated. And if you plan to vote on Nov 2, then you must update your voter registration info - in some states by Oct 2.

So call your state's Board of Elections Office and ask them to check your voter registration file for you, to make sure that they have your current info, and that you will be able to vote on Nov 2. Standing in line at the polls on Nov 2, only to be denied when you get to the front of the line? Who wants to do that? :)

If you have moved and/or changed your name since your wedding and haven't yet been to DMV, then fill out your own voter registration form to update your records, here. But you might want to go to DMV to get a new license before Nov 2. It'll make it much easier for you to confirm your name and address with your polling place staff, when you check in before voting. If your driver's license has your old address on it, then bring an official piece of mail (utility bill, bank statement, pay stub) with your legal name and current address on it, to prove your identity.

Thanks for Registering to Vote & Congratulations on your Marriage! Please remind your friends to update their voter registration info, too! :)

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