Friday, September 3, 2010

The Lost Boys of Sudan changing the World

I got to see this documentary "Rebuilding Hope" about the Lost Boys of Sudan on August 1st, at a San Francisco screening hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area Safe Darfur Coalition. I cried through most of the film. Here's the trailer:

Following the screening I got to meet one of the co-founders of New Scholars, Garang Akau, a former Sudanese refugee and a Stanford grad. Check out the great stuff that New Scholars is doing:

I have been talking a lot about the Lost Boys of Sudan, the film, and New Scholars. So I was excited to see that the Commonwealth Club is planning to hold an event honoring John Bul Dau, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, who will receive INFORUM's 21st Century Visionary Award for opening the world’s eyes to the Sudanese health-care crisis. The event has been postponed, so watch the Commonwealth Club calendar for more info.

John was featured in this documentary, which I have not yet seen, "God Grew Tired of Us." Here's the trailer:

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