Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brand new "Alumni Group" for Real Food Activists

I've blogged about the Real Food Challenge before ... amazing, amazing group. I love that they now have an alumni network! Got this in an email from the Real Food Challenge this morning:

The Real Food Challenge has built a national network of student activists committed to just and sustainable food. It's a truly impressive group, and as we all know, an impermanent one. As young people move into the real world, where do they go? How can we stay connected--continue to give back in a meaningful way?

The RFC Alumni Network is a new network of young folks who want to stay involved or join up with food work, activism, and support of the Real Food Challenge (check out current alumni in action!). We are about keeping RFC alumni in the fold, and welcoming people with new interest into a common network of communication, connection, and celebration of RFC and food work beyond student organizing.

Officially launched in September 2010, the RFC Alumni Network provides members:
◦ A networking listserv and resource-sharing opportunities
◦ A seasonal newsletter featuring RFC alumni-in-action and food work opportunities
◦ Seasonal conference calls to connect about our work and rally around RFC
◦ An annual retreat for sharing real time and real food in a beautiful place

This network will grow and evolve as we do--the possibilities are bountiful! Members will together define priorities and programs to meet our collective needs, including mentorship meals and mixers at national food conferences, alumni participation and support roles for RFC trainings and summits, and mentorship/internship connections between RFC alumni and established food movement superstars. By joining the network, you will decide it’s future direction and growth!

Membership in the RFC Alumni Network is $18/year. These funds cover the administration of the network--the work of a Membership Coordinator to manage the listserv newsletter and conference calls, create alumni mentorship and networking opportunities, and organize the annual retreat.
Join here.

You can also follow the Real Food Challenge on Facebook.

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