Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Film I Can't Wait to See :: Peepli Live

You might have seen this previous post about Indian farmers who are committing suicide over failed crops & debt. I cannot get this out of my mind. In light of that, I cannot wait to see this film this weekend with a good friend and fellow blogger, Sowmya.

Synopsis: Peepi Live, by Aamir Khan Productions, is a satire, which revolves around a villager from Central India called Natha,his brother Budhia and their family.

The family is about to lose their land because they are unable to repay a loan, when, they hear of a government programme which offers the family of any farmer committing suicide a compensation of rupees 100,000 ($2000). The older brother convinces his sibling into agreeing to commit suicide.

This sets in motion a chain of events which finds Natha in the eye of a storm. The local big wigs, the state government, high ranking bureaucrats, federal ministers and the national media all become stakeholders in the mad circus that erupts.

To find a local screening of the film, just do a Google search. The official website does not list any USA screenings, but several San Francisco Bay Area theaters have screened the film within the past few weeks.

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