Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bronx Princess - from NYC to Ghana to Dickinson College

I can't wait to see this film "Bronx Princess". Here's the trailer-

Bronx Princess Trailer from Yoni Brook on Vimeo.

For an update about Rocky and her family post-film, go here.

I wish I could have attended the "Little Ghana" block party for "Bronx Princess" that took place on September 1, 2009 - yes, I'm almost a year too late!

I saw this in the flyer for the Sept 1 2009 block party - super super super cool!

"Bronx Princess" is the hub of an outreach campaign to improve access to educational resources for urban youth and bridge the educational divide in immigrant families.

Our goal is to remove the obstacles that immigrant and low-income youth face when seeking post-secondary education. "Bronx Princess" is an effective way of promoting dialogue within immigrant families and guiding youth toward post-secondary education. Highbridge Pictures LLC, the creator of Bronx Princess, is currently collaborating with grass-roots and national partners to use the film to engage youth and immigrant communities.

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