Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adrian Greiner's new Bluefin Tuna PSA

Received this in an email from Oceana today. I don't watch Entourage, but still recognized actor Adrian Grenier's face:

Bluefin tuna are the most valuable fish in the world, coveted for their fatty belly meat, used in sushi as toro or maguro. With a single bluefin tuna fetching more than $100,000 in a Tokyo auction, the incentives are overwhelming for fishermen to overfish the population beyond recovery.

And now the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — one of only two spawning sites for bluefin in the world — may push them even closer to the brink.

* Use the Sustainable Seafood Guide, by the Monterey Bay Aquarium - print & put in your wallet, or check out the app.

* Do what you can in your personal life to lessen our demand for oil (drilling.)

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