Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Forum for Change Makers in the Communications Tech Space

Could this be you?

Change Connections :: Presented by The Feast + Nokia from Change Connections on Vimeo.

If so, then check this out -- launched recently by Nokia and The Feast, Change Connections is an open forum that offers a space to exchange, connect and collaborate on ideas for social good and to foster thinking around groundbreaking social innovation.

The goal is to define major problems and opportunities for solutions to major societal issues that build on the massive power and potential of communication technology to do good in the world.

Besides idea incubation, the site also features quotes from a series of more than 40 expert interviews, and case studies of existing work. For example, Samasource, which I recently blogged about here:)

Follow them on Twitter.

OK, now I'm off to watch the live webcast of the Microfinance USA Conference taking place in San Francisco today and tomorrow ...

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