Friday, April 23, 2010

It's back! Bay Area National Dance Week! :: Fri April 23 - Sun May 2.

photo: I didn't get there, but I had wanted to see Little Mermaid at the San Francisco Ballet.

YAY! It's back!!

The Bay Area has one of the largest, most active and thriving dance communities in the country. During Bay Area National Dance Week, participants and volunteers reaffirm our region’s commitment to dance, offering hundreds of free events.

This year's festival once again will offer a diverse roster of programs—including free classes, performances, rehearsals, lecture demonstrations and studio open houses—giving a wide-angle view of the many and varied styles of dance practiced in the region. Ranging from established company programs to one-time events, Bay Area National Dance Week is an opportunity for dance-lovers of all ages and experiences to take a grand tour of the many movement styles, including Argentine tango, classical Indian, jazz, hip hop, ballet, traditional hula, fire dance, Samba, modern, Chinese classical, belly dance, aerial dance, West African, contact improvisation and more!

Check out the listing of free classes here.

photo: my favorite dance instructor, Mark Battershall, of London's Pineapple Studios.

Yeah! I just discovered that my old London dance studio, Pineapple is the subject of a new reality TV show. Love the headline of the press release - Pineapple Dance Studio – Where careers are made, dreams are broken, bitching is an Olympic sport and everyone is fabulous. The biggest West End shows, the most famous pop acts, the highest level auditionees, and some of the world’s most successful dance teachers all pass through Covent Garden’s Pineapple Dance Studio on a daily basis.

Check the show out here, including Mark's profile - he's one of the characters:) Can't wait to watch the archived episodes online:)

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