Thursday, April 29, 2010

You can help save Uganda's Child Soldiers by sending an Email. Come on ... you know you have a minute!

Received this message from Resolve Uganda tonight. PLEASE take action. They are so close to a big victory, but need our help!

Nicole --

Yesterday, your continued support for legislation in Congress seeking to address LRA violence helped overcome yet another major hurdle on the bill's path to President Obama's desk.

After disagreements among members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs threatened to delay the bill's consideration for months, more than 5,000 people signed a petition to Committee leaders. As a result, it was added last-minute to the agenda of yesterday's Committee meeting, where it was approved unanimously. (We also hear the Coburn campaign was fresh in the minds of several Members of Congress…)

Now it is on to a vote in the full House of Representatives, which we expect in the next two weeks. If we act quickly, we have one last chance to convince Members of Congress to speak out and make sure the bill passes.

Click here to e-mail your Representative to request that they issue a "floor statement" when the bill comes up for a vote.

These statements from Members of Congress are crucial to securing the votes needed for the bill's passage. They also send a clear message to President Obama that Congress and activists across the country expect serious new action toward peace.

The importance of sending this message is simple. Last time we e-mailed you, it was with news of a devastating LRA massacre in northeastern Congo. Such a tragedy can be prevented from happening again if our leaders take the steps called for in this legislation.

Passage in the House of Representatives is the last step before the bill gets sent to the President. If we succeed in achieving this final milestone, we look forward to joining all of you in celebration as he puts his pen to paper and signs this legislation into law.


Paul Ronan
Director of Advocacy, Resolve Uganda

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