Sunday, April 18, 2010

International Youth Leadership Council accepting Apps :: Due Tuesday

This sounds like a great opportunity if you live in Washington, DC and can get your app in by Tuesday! :)

The International Youth Leadership Council (IYLC) is made up of college students living in the Washington, DC, area with family ties to and/or interest in the developing world. These youth leaders work to improve US foreign policy regarding global HIV prevention and international family planning.

photo: 2009 - 2010 Leadership Council

Council members serve as youth educators, advocates, and spokespeople on issues of adolescent sexual and reproductive health. Council members develop media outreach campaigns, conduct policy forums, plan and run press conferences, participate in advocacy visits to policy makers, and attend conferences to further the goals of the International Youth Leadership Council.

Download the 2010 IYLC application from the IYLC website. Apps are due April 20, 2010)

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