Friday, February 19, 2010

Facebook runs on dirty coal. Just say no!

I received this email today from the Energy Action Coalition. In addition to the actions that Pete encourages you to take, please sign this petition.


Did you hear that Facebook just announced that they will be powering their data centers with dirty coal?

Facebook is building its own gigantic data center in Oregon. For the first time Facebook will have its own facility but unlike Google or Microsoft, which both built data centers in the same area running off hydroelectric power, Facebook’s facility will be powered by dirty coal sourced from an Idaho power plant.

Join this group to tell Facebook to run on renewable energy instead!

Facebook has become one of the essential tools that our generation uses to stay connected with friends, share memories, and take political action. Despite our generation's calls for a clean energy revolution, all of those pictures of you tabling, organizing events, and gathering petitions will sit on a server powered by coal.

Please also consider changing your profile picture to the image to the left (download it here). Facebook must get the message that the generation that uses its services the most feels that clean energy is critical to guarantee a safe and just future!


Pete Griffin
Campaign Director
Energy Action Coalition

P.S. Have Twitter? Please RT this tweet from one of our young organizers:
RT @energyaction #Facebook wants to run on dirty, toxic coal instead of clean energy? Hell NO! Pls RT! #NoCoalFB

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