Monday, November 16, 2009

Organize to be Heard Challenge

Just got this from the Consequence09 campaign ...

In 2008 we demanded change. But a year later, some people aren't getting the message. Every single day, Senators are hearing from the oil and coal lobbyists trying to block progress on a clean energy future. They need to hear from us.

That's why the Consequence Campaign and our partners launched the Organize to be Heard Challenge. Students and young activists can earn points through online and offline actions to make their voice heard. The top organizers will earn a trip to DC and represent our generation to leaders in Washington.

Get started right now. Sign this petition to earn your first point.

We can't match Big Oil's lobbying dollars or insider access, but there are some things on our side: numbers, energy, science, and the right solutions for our country's economic and energy challenges.

Let the Senate know you care about clean energy jobs and global warming. Organize to be Heard.

Maura Cowley
Consequence Campaign

P.S. Make sure you share the video and petition with your friends. Each additional signature you generate will get you one point closer to DC.

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