Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is kind of like the hidden track on a cd...

I write for another blog called the Surfrider Foundation's Music Outreach Program. I created the program (and the blog) to help get the Surfrider mission out to the music community.

I've blogged about the band Cloud Cult's strong environmental values - check it out here. (I also published a Cloud Cult show review, here.)

photo: by mieza1207,

Then check out the bit of news that I just received in today's Cloud Cult e-newsletter:

If you've read down this far, you must be a serious cloud cult fan. So serious that you might even be interested in volunteering/interning with the band.

So... If you're in the Minneapolis area and are interested in learning how an independent green band operates and you like licking stamps, folding shirts and putting things in boxes, email to find out how you can help out the band.

**Disclaimer** more than likely you will not get to hang out with the band while these tasks are completed. You will likely have to work alongside their manager while he sends emails and talks to people on the phone.

Knowing how fantastic and completely committed this band is to the environment, I think this is an awesome internship opportunity:)

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