Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oregon Public HS Students + City Government = Change

photo: students testing water quality samples through their involvement with Surfrider's Blue Water Task Force Program.

Yesterday the Surfrider Foundation's Water Quality Coordinator, Mara Dias, circulated this good news --

Communicating scientific data to the public and decision makers can be very challenging, but it is absolutely necessary if we hope to affect change for the better in our communities.

Kudos to Oregon's Astoria High School students who are participants in Surfrider's Blue Water Task Force Program, their teacher and Surfrider Foundation Oregon volunteers for putting together this very simple, yet very effective photo montage and raising the awareness of a water pollution issue at one of their local beaches.

This video was shown at a city council meeting in Cannon Beach, Oregon and made the front page of the local newspaper. In response, the City of Cannon Beach has formed a special task force to look into this issue and will hopefully lead to better public notification and pollution source identification work.

photo: This picture from Indian Beach in Cannon Beach, OR shows Seal Rocks - rough coastal outcroppings just offshore.

Read more about this campaign on the Surfrider Foundation's Blue Water Task Force Blog.

photo: Mara Dias testifying @ EPW hearing. Over her right shoulder in white is Surfrider DC Chapter member Michael Childs.

Mara is a strong voice on water quality issues. Mara was invited to testify before Senator Barbara Boxer's US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee for the June 27, 2007 hearing "Protecting Water Quality at America's Beaches." You can read the text of her testimony here.

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