Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Would Love to Get to Read these Applications!

Deadline: 16 December 2009

The Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation (at the Pew Charitable Trusts) is presently seeking recommendations for nominators for the 2011 Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation. Each year the program selects a unique group of nominators from diverse disciplines and geographic backgrounds to nominate two candidates for the fellowship. Those candidates are then invited to submit an application for the three-year, $150,000 grant to develop and implement a research project that contributes to the protection and conservation of ocean resources. Five Pew Marine Fellows are selected annually by an independent advisory committee based on their proposed projects, professional track-records and demonstrated problem-solving abilities in connecting science and research with marine conservation outcomes. Candidates must be nominated in order to apply.

Nominators should be senior level professionals who are recognized as leaders and experts in their field. Recommendations for nominators should be international in scope and include individuals who have both knowledge of marine conservation issues and contacts with potential candidates.

While Pew Marine Fellows represent a broad range of disciplines, the program primarily supports natural and social scientists working on policy-relevant marine conservation research. Proposals on any relevant issue or topic are welcome. With an interest in continued expansion of the program’s expertise and geographic scope, please consider nominators who might help identify candidates working in the following areas:

Expertise related to:
Marine impacts of climate change and management implications
· Ecology and management of low and high trophic level fish (e.g. herring, sharks)

Environmentally responsible marine aquaculture systems

Candidates living or working in:
· Africa

· Asia

· Europe

· Latin America

If you would like to recommend a nominator for the 2011 Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation, please provide the following information about that person:

1. Name, title, institution and degree
2. Address and contact information (phone and email)
3. Discipline and area of specialization (including geographic focus, if applicable)
4. A short statement about why the individual would be a good nominator

You may submit yourself as a potential nominator (excluding those with active Pew Marine Fellowships and The Pew Charitable Trusts/Pew Environment Group staff.) Nominators who have served in the past five years cannot be considered, since the program works to identify diverse nomination sources each year. If selected, nominators will be asked to provide names and letters of reference for the two candidates of their choice.

Please submit your recommendations by 16 December 2009 to Lindsay Cooper, Marine Science Associate, Pew Environment Group at: marinefellows@pewtrusts.org

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