Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Ben to Brussels

photo: Roz Savage, by RozSavage on Flickr.

Taken from Roz Savage's press release --

Six women will set out this Friday from Big Ben in London, England, on a 250 mile walk across Europe, carrying the (inflatable) world on their shoulders. Their mission: to deliver a message to the Copenhagen conference urging action on climate change.

During the summer of 2009 British ocean rower Roz Savage rowed solo 3,000 miles across the Pacific from Hawaii to Kiribati. There she witnessed the human face of climate change - Kiribati, a scattering of small coral atolls, is expected to become uninhabitable within the next 50 years due to the effects of climate change.

She is now taking her message to the climate change conference in Copenhagen, in her role as United Nations "Climate Hero". With a small group of friends she will set out on 20th November to walk 250 miles from Big Ben to Brussels, where they will join the United Nations Climate Express train for the remainder of the journey to Copenhagen.

During the walk they will gather signatures on inflatable "Earth Balls”, to be delivered to the conference as a petition calling on the delegates to take decisive action on climate change.

The walk will be the subject of a documentary film, “The Long Walk to Copenhagen”, focusing on the walkers and the people they meet en route to show how humankind is reacting to the biggest challenge of our time.

The worldwide community will be invited to show solidarity with the walkers by joining an online environmental challenge called Pull Together. This initiative aims to inspire people to take action on CO2 levels by walking more and driving less. Calling upon supporters around the world to Pull Together, Roz will challenge them to match the 10,000 oar strokes she does each day on the ocean by walking 10,000 steps a day. Good for the body, and good for the planet.

Using photos, videos, her blog, her website, and several social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, the BB2B team will connect and engage with people of all ages around the world, and demonstrate that every action counts, no matter how small it may seem. We hold the future in our hands.

If we all pull together, we CAN save the world.

Roz Savage
Ocean Rower, Speaker, Environmental Campaigner

Author of "Rowing The Atlantic: Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean"

2006 Atlantic Solo Row from Canaries to Antigua
2008 Pacific Solo Row (Leg 1) from California to Hawaii
2009 Pacific Solo Row (Leg 2) from Hawaii to Tarawa
2010 Pacific Solo Row (Leg 3) from Tarawa to Australia

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