Saturday, October 24, 2009

Conference call for youth climate activists with Senator John Kerry -- Tuesday October 27th.

photo: Senator John Kerry & Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator John Kerry and Senator Barbara Boxer have written a climate bill together - the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S. 1733). This original version of the bill as it was introduced, can be read, here.

Senator Boxer chairs the US Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, one of the 6 committees that US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has charged with the responsibility of drafting climate legislation.

Senator Boxer's committee will hold the first of a series of 3 hearings on the bill that she and Senator Kerry introduced, this Wednesday, October 27. As the legislative process moves along, the content of the climate bill will change.

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If you are a younger climate activist and you'd like to hear from Senator John Kerry directly - and ask him some questions about the climate bill - then sign up for this conference call. It has been organized by the Consequence Campaign, which provides younger climate activists with a forum to share ideas and be heard on this issue.

photo: Senator John Kerry

October 22, 2009


This Tuesday, Senator Kerry will engage young people across the country to talk about this historic moment in the fight for clean energy. Senator Kerry, the author of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, understands the importance of youth action on the climate issue and wants to hear from us.

Please join our call to discuss the bill and the roll we can play in getting it passed. When you sign up, remember to take a moment to add your question for the Senator. On Monday, you can vote for the best question and the top vote getters will ask their question on the call.

RSVP today and submit a question for Senator Kerry here.

What: Conference call for youth climate activists
Date: Tuesday, October 27
Time: 9pm EST

Thank You,

Maura Cowley
Consequence Campaign

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