Thursday, October 8, 2009

All Points South

According to the Save The Waves website, last month, Save The Waves' 6:27 minute documentary "All Points South" received the Best Short Film award at the New York Surf Film Festival 2009.

All Points South follows the story of surfers and fishermen activists in Chile and their struggle against forestry industry pollution of coastal waters and waves.

From California to the long left points of Southern Chile, surfers increasingly find themselves in the line of fire between coastal waters and industrial pollution. In All Points South the journey takes us to Southern Chile, where pulp mill pollution threatens entire ecosystems, an ancient way of life, and threatens to tear apart a tight-knit fishing community. With world-class surfing at some of the planet's best point breaks, this is the story and journey of a group of surfers and their effort to expose the injustice being done by a powerful, worldwide industry.

Featured surfers: Ramon Navarro, Keith Malloy, Timmy Turner, Joao de Macedo, Leon Vicuna, Nano Zegers, James Pribram, Edgar Nozes, Brett Schwartz.

Film director Sachi Cunningham commented from Los Angeles, California about the Best Short Film award: "We're thrilled with the recognition and hope that it inspires surfers everywhere who are concerned about the environment to not only think globally about our oceans' health, but also act locally to keep their breaks clean.”

See the film on Friday, November 13th at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco, during the Save The Waves Film Festival. Tickets go on sale at the end of October.

Read more about the making of the film on Save The Waves' blog.

From the blog:

photo: Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy, waterman, surfed more than ever; but he surprised me with his awesome guitar-picking style. He ought to tour with Jack Johnson. I think he's investing in the future after this surf thing stops paying the bills! His commitment to the earth is stronger than ever, yet he makes no fuss about it;and his stories of diving and fishing offshore California are radical.

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