Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jason Mraz and Brett Dennen are AMAZING.

photo by Kyle "Montee" Lishok

Not only did Jason Mraz recently participate in the 4th Annual Surfrider Foundation's Celebrity Expression Session (Surf Jam), but ...

He recently announced an upcoming free show in San Diego, California on October 11 at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Chula Vista, California. Tickets were 'sold' through the paperless ticket method which requires purchase with a credit card and were gone in a snap. The credit card must also be presented at the concert venue to gain admission.

The show starting at 6 pm will feature Brett Dennen as the opening act with Bushwalla as the host. Brett Dennen also supports the Surfrider Foundation.

Photo: Mike Childs (Surfrider DC Chapter), Nicole (Surfrider DC Chapter), Randy Schwartz (drums), Brett Dennen (vocals, guitar), Matt Montee (road manager), Jason (Surfrider DC Chapter), Steve Adams(bass)

Charities like the Surfrider Foundation, VH1 Save the Music and San Diego Youth Services will be on hand as well to accept donations from fans: "This has become a 'pay what you like' show in reality." Jason Mraz explains. "We'll give the show up to the fans for free, and ask them to drop in at the charity tables and give the non-profits the money that they think the show is worth. With no obligation to do so, of course, just a suggestion."

30 pairs of the best seated tickets will be auctioned off along with a meet and greet with Jason to benefit the Surfrider Foundation!!

CLICK HERE for the auction and to bid on Jason Mraz tickets to benefit Surfrider.

Carpooling is encouraged with carpools of three or more being allowed to park for free.

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  1. Look, you're cute and no doubt well-meaning, so I'll do you a solid and save you about a decade's worth of disappointment and disillusion: Hippies are a-holes, Obama's a nitwit, pot does a total number on your short-term memory, and cute activist boys will wax on about global warming while simultaneously trying to unhook your bra, and thus are absolutely not to be trusted.

    You're welcome. Live well.


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