Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kids' TV Networks Urge Environmental Action

photo: the Jonas Brothers

Both Disney and Nickelodeon are using their networks to encourage kids to go green.

Check this out -

Disney is launching a multi-platform, year-long "green" initiative - "Friends for Change: Project Green." It'll be supported by TV, radio and internet ads featuring 29 of today's Disney Channel teen stars like Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montanta) and the Jonas Brothers.

The stars will challenge kids to join them by making small changes in their daily actions, to benefit 4 key areas - climate, water, waste, and habitats.

LOVE these 2 commercials!!!

Disney will highlight each one of these 4 key areas for 3 months each. Disney will also hold quarterly events where on a designated day, kids will be encouraged to act in unison on a single task such as adjusting home thermostats or reducing water usage.

These events will be tracked online and on air. Kids will be encouraged to pledge to take actions, and then report back on their actions.

Over the course of the year, Disney will also invite kids to help them determine how Disney will donate $1 million to environmental organizations.

"We were inspired by the outpouring of enthusiasm from our family of talent to enact real environmental change by connecting with other kids, fans and friends on an entirely new level," says Rich Ross, president, Disney Channels Worldwide. "Friends for Change is about the power of friendship - when we all work together, anything is possible."

Also check out Nickelodeon's campaign - "The Big Green" - which also has an online component, here.

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