Thursday, May 21, 2009

Barefoot Wine & Surfrider Foundation - partner again in 2009

photo: Mason Jennings, singer/songwriter who’s donating proceeds from his single “Sunlight” to the Surfrider Foundation.

The Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project, now in its third year, makes beaches and lakes across America “barefoot friendly.” In celebration of Surfrider Foundation’s 25th Anniversary, Barefoot Wine, Surfrider Foundation and community volunteers are embarking on a tour of 25 cleanups nationwide, stopping in Huntington Beach, California for a big party.

2009 Barefoot Wines Beach Cleanups featuring Mason Jennings:

Huntington Beach, CA Saturday, June 13
Tampa, FL Saturday, July 11
Chicago, IL Saturday, July 25
Seattle, WA Saturday, August 15

More details about the cleanups here.

Following the June 13, 2009 9-11am cleanup, volunteers 21+ are invited to attend a free open-to-the-public celebration at the brand new Shorebreak Hotel, located at Bolsa Chica State Beach 500 Pacific Coast Highway, Tower 21, Huntington Beach, CA - featuring Barefoot wines, surf-inspired fare and a live musical performance from Mason Jennings, from 6-8pm.

Go to the Barefoot Wine website to create a profile so that you can help Barefoot Wine pick a grand prize winner -

Each campaign will receive $5,000 from Barefoot Wine, and the one with the most votes will receive an additional $5,000!

Hint - vote for Gaviota Coast!! You can vote once per day through August 15th (voting is reset at midnight EST.)

Campaign: Clear the Path – Beach Access - Oahu Chapter, Hawaii

Through this campaign the Chapter is pushing for better beach access through public education and legislation. With continued construction and development all over the island, shoreline access is at risk. In addition to the Clear the Path campaign, the chapter helped form the Shoreline Access Coalition of Hawaii, a collaborative group of organizations focused on improving shoreline access around the state.
Image depicting beach filling

Campaign: Challenge Beach Management Permitting Practices: Stop Harmful Beach Fill Projects - Palm Beach County Chapter, Florida

After successfully challenging a dredge-and-fill project permit under the “Reach 8” campaign, the chapter is addressing future beach fill projects. Beach filling is an act of “beach management” that does more harm than good to our coastlines by disrupting their naturally self-sustaining environments. Chapter focus is on 1) greater public outreach and education regarding the importance and fragility of the beach ecosystem and how it is threatened by these beach fill projects and 2) an improved permitting process for beach fill projects, one that is not dictated by the beach dredging lobby and incorporates an ecosystem-based management approach to permitting these projects, as opposed to the piecemeal permitting scheme now in place.

Campaign: Save Gaviota: Preserve the Gaviota Coast From Development - Santa Barbara Chapter, Californi

The Gaviota Coast is the last undeveloped stretch of coastline in southern California that is facing an increasing threat of development. It is a rich and vital natural resource that should be preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy, but there are presently more than a dozen development projects being planned, the most significant of which (known as Naples) would permit 72 luxury homes, which would average 8,000 square feet in size. Since its inception, the Surfrider Foundation Santa Barbara Chapter has been a leader in local efforts to halt and/or limit further development of the Gaviota Coast.

Campaign: Sink the Breakwater – Restore the Shore
Surfrider Foundation Long Beach Chapter, California

The Surfrider Foundation Long Beach Chapter has been working for over a decade on their “Sink the Breakwater – Restore the Shore” campaign. The goal is to reconfigure the Long Beach Breakwater, which will restore the natural flow of ocean currents in Long Beach Harbor, improve water quality and bring back waves to Long Beach.

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