Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Artistic & Anonymous Self-Expression Opportunities Online

Check out this new website, Cards of Change --

Cards of Change was created by recently laid-off TBWA/Chiat/Day employees who have formed the ideas company Unknownlab. To participate in the website, take one of your old business cards, cross out your former contact information, and replace it with your new email address, and a positive change that has come about recently despite being laid off from your job. Then take a photo of the card and upload it to Cards of Change photo gallery on the website. Once your card is up on the site, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit and other social networking sites, increasing your card's visibility.

Cards of Change reminds me of 3 other websites that also encourage anonymous self-expression - often of a personal nature:


"What's In Your Bag?" Flickr group:

Posted to the Flickr group by Mary_Bridges1987

and 1,000 Journals:

Both PostSecret and 1,000 Journals had accompanying traveling art exhibits, and films, both of which I was able to catch when they came through the Bay Area. This removed the community from the internet, and brought everyone together in an art gallery setting - it was really cool:)

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